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AEON Merch available on Redbubble

Do you want to tell everyone what your favorite science-based origin-of-life board game is?
Do you want to hold, see, or wear Priyanka's amazing artwork even when you're not playing AEON?
Do you need some AEON-related items to help you survive until you can buy a copy of the game?
Then we have some good news:

You're in luck: AEON merchandise has just become available on Redbubble!

T-Shirts, pins, throw pillows, coasters, mugs... You name it, we have it!

AEON The Emergence of Life by priyankaoberoi | Redbubble
AEON, The Emergence of Life is a board game made by the Deutsch Museum and CRC 235 Emergence of life! It is a fun game where you help life originate. Try it out today! Visit the website for more information- https://aeon-game.eu