What is AEON?

It’s round about 4 billion years ago. Earth has just recently cooled off enough to have water on its surface. Impacts of comets and meteorites have almost ceased. The sky is orange and dense with thick clouds, through which a faint Sun barely shines. A vast, greenish, muddy ocean covers almost the entire planet. The little dry land is black volcanic rocks and barren. But deep in the ocean and in a few oases, something is cooking: life is about to emerge.
AEON Overview and Crowdfunding campaign

AEON is a board game about the Origin of Life on Early Earth. It was developed by scientists in the framework of the CRC 235 "Emergence of Life" funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and published by the Deutsches Museum.

In AEON, you and your friends represent environments where life might have emerged. Together, you build a network of chemical reactions that transforms simple chemicals into complex molecules. These molecules will allow you to establish the basic mechanisms of life.
The first player to create all the requirements for the emergence of biological evolution wins the game.

Playing AEON is fun.
Hydrothermal Vents are one of the environments where life might have emerged.