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Explainer videos

If you like to have rules explained to you rather than reading them, this video will quickly give you a comprehensive view of the rules

Gameplay explainer video on YouTube

We also uploaded sample turns where you can see how the game is played. You can watch them back-to-back in this playlist, or individually using the links below.

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Players question

Here's some common questions we've had about the game:

What happens if we run out of energy cubes?
It can happen that you run out of resource cubes--likely energy, but maybe biomolecules. If you run out of cubes, you can use pieces of paper or beans or any other marker instead.
You can also just note on a piece of paper how many cubes you are supposed to have, just make sure you keep track of energy accumulating on sources, too.
NOTE: remember to discard energy cubes if you have more than 7 on your environment at the end of your turn.

I built a clever/weird/funny shape with the tiles, was I allowed to do it?
As long as border colors match (black next to black, etc or colorless border next to colorless border) and arrow directions agree, everything is allowed.

Rules translations

Do you need the rules in a language that is not English or German? Have a look at the languages page!